Community Baptist Church of Allenville is devoted to faithful obedience to the teaching of God's Holy Word, the Bible.  We seek to apply the teaching of the Bible by together and individually loving God, loving people, and making disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, in accordance with the "Great Commandment" [Mark 12:30-33], and the Great Commission [Matthew 28:19-20].

Our church is governed by the active members of the Congregation which is tasked with discerning God's will and making decisions accordingly when it is convened in business meetings.  The Congregation selects leaders for the Church from among its members, who then carry out their responsibilities in a prayerful manner seeking to be glorifying to God.  Therefore, we practice the congregational form of church government, in which each local church is autonomous, having the privilege and responsibility of carrying out its ministry, answering to the Lord and Head of the Church, Jesus Christ, and not any other higher ecclesiastical body.

Yet, we recognize that we are not intended to be an entity unto ourselves, because the Bible teaches that the Church is made up of all those who know God personally through saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ [His substitutionary death on the Cross, His burial, and His Resurrection].  Therefore, we recognize our responsibility as Biblical Christians to voluntarily associate with other like-minded churches for the purpose of fellowship, resourcing, and most importantly, networking to extend the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.  We as a congregation are glad to have affiliated with the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference [CCCC] for this purpose.  For more information about the CCCC, please visit